Cloud Flower and a Hat Full of Sky

Cloud Flower Hat

Another busy knitting week here at Bunny Acres. I finished a new hat pattern, Cloud Flower made with Blue Sky Alpaca Sport and Melange. It’s so soft and warm, perfect yarn for hats. I blocked this over a favorite vase to get that flat top shape, but it could just be laid flat to block and would have more of a beanie shape to it.

Cloud Flower Hat

I also finished a sweater, it’s called Sallir, I was thinking it was going to be for me, but now I’m not sure, it’s a little long on me. I don’t know if I am extra picky, but I seem to end up keeping only about half the sweaters I knit for myself.


We enjoyed our dinner by a little fire this weekend, getting rid of some small branches and pretending like we were camping. It was lovely, so nice to spend time outside again. I have some tulips peeking up in a few places, but snow is in the forecast, so spring is not quite here yet.

Spring Fire

Terry Prachett passed away this last week and while I knew he was not doing very well it was still extremely sad to me. Dan and I have enjoyed his books so much, often reading them aloud. His sense of humor and wit, his insight into the foibles of folks and his way of seeing and appreciating all the shades of grey in a world obsessed with black and white/light and dark. I guess the sadness is for losing such a wise person so young, a beloved author that feels like a dear friend.

This weekend we also went to an Open House for a home we have walked by and admired many times. We love our house but we really could use a couple more rooms. Seeing this larger house that needed quite a bit of work reminded us of some of the things we like about our place, and clarified some of our wishes for a new house if we were to move.

Kingsfoil Socks and Strawberry Pinot Jam

I had a lovely weekend away seeing my sister and her family and my niece. A bit of a whirlwind trip, which ended with some lovely person asking if I would trade seats with her mother who was flying in First Class. It was my first encounter with the fancier snacks and real glassware, and now I fear I am spoiled for life. 🙂

There has been some knitting around here, first off I am proud to introduce my Kingsfoil socks. These are just the sort of socks I like to knit and to wear. The knitting is interesting, but not too involved that they take too long to knit. A classic style, and one that would look good in plenty of colors besides this basic grey.

Kingsfoil Socks
Kingsfoil Socks

I also finished the latest Kieran Foley Mystery Shawl, which was great fun to knit. Sometimes these mysteries make choosing colors challenging, but it seems like a good exercise.

Kieran Foley MKAL3

We have had some lovely weather this week, unseasonably warm. Dan has been loving being able to bike to work again. It has me in the mind for spring cleaning. In that spirit we decided to make some Strawberry Pinot jam with the last of last year’s organic strawberries we had in the freezer.

Strawberry Pinot Noir Jam
My friend Jean shared her delicious recipe and I can’t wait to try it out!

Strawberry Pinot Noir Jam

This weekend is a poignant one for us here, 6 years and 6 months ago my mother passed away and it’s her birthday on Tuesday, St. Patrick’s Day. It’s also 6 years since Dan’s Leukemia diagnosis. We are pretty grateful to be where we are now, happy, healthy and enjoying this good weather.

Almos spring
*These are store tulips, the weather isn’t quite that good yet.

Morrison Wrap

Dan and I have pretty different work schedules, so we don’t always get to have dinner together. Last night we made one of the usual items (stir fry with peanut sauce) but made it “fancy” with some candles and wine. It doesn’t take much around here!

Dinner for 2

It was a busy knitting week, and I am happy to report I have finished knitting this lush wrap. Let me introduce Morrison Wrap, another in my series of scarves and wraps named for female authors I really like, this one after the incomparable Toni Morrison. Here is a great piece on her. I find her books so profound, moving and beautifully written, I think she will prove to be the greatest author of our time. Reading her work is not easy, but an emotional/spiritual pilgrimage. Anyway, a big wrap for a big author!  It measures 80×21 inches!

Morrison Wrap

The yarn is Blue Sky Alpaca’s Alpaca Silk, which is so drapey and soft I never want to take it off!

Morrison Wrap

I am mostly a jeans kind-of person, but I think this would look really nice dressed up.

Morrison Wrap

With everyone around here going south for their winter vacations I am happy to report I will be too! I think it’s best to manage one’s expectations in this department, say if you went to Mexico and it was cool, you would be pretty disappointed, so I am playing it safe and going to Chicago and Davenport next weekend. I will hope for 30’s! Poor Dan will have to stay here in the cold weather as this trip is for my dear niece’s wedding shower, a ladies-only event, so my sister and I will be meeting up and celebrating with her! I can’t wait!

February Cheer

I recently tried the new yarn from Spud & Chloë, called Stripey Fine, which is every bit as wonderful as the Fine, which is one of my favorites. The colors are fun and coordinate beautifully with the solids, which was the inspirational starting point for my new patterns.

First off, a little sunshine for your feet: Goldberry’s Socks, named for the mysterious and lighthearted character Goldberry from The Lord Of The Rings, whose singing is like the sun shining out from grey clouds. Her presence is uplifting and comforting as these socks are in the middle of winter.

Goldberry's Socks

Goldberry's Socks

With Clearwater Cowl, I was going for the comfy Saturday feeling, wearing your favorite jeans, whether hanging out or running errands. It’s also a perfect weekend project, as it knits up quickly, and you could easily finish it over a movie or two. Or, in my case, several episodes of our household favorite, Jeeves & Wooster.

Clearwater Cowl


So Much Knitting, So Little Time

Scandes Mittens

It has been a busy knitting week around here! I have been enjoying my new mittens I finished recently.

Scandes Mittens

The pattern is by Adrian Bizilia, who I think is a master of mitten design!

Kierna Foley Test Knit - Complete

I do a lot of test and sample knitting, and most of the time I can’t show anybody since it’s top secret stuff. But, this week I finished test knitting this beautiful shawl for Kieran Foley, and I can show it off! It was a fun one to work on. I also finished testing a lovely sweater, but that one is top secret.

And, I just published another new pattern in my own series of scarves named for authors I like a lot—this one named for Isabel Allende.

Allende Scarf