February Cheer

I recently tried the new yarn from Spud & Chloë, called Stripey Fine, which is every bit as wonderful as the Fine, which is one of my favorites. The colors are fun and coordinate beautifully with the solids, which was the inspirational starting point for my new patterns.

First off, a little sunshine for your feet: Goldberry’s Socks, named for the mysterious and lighthearted character Goldberry from The Lord Of The Rings, whose singing is like the sun shining out from grey clouds. Her presence is uplifting and comforting as these socks are in the middle of winter.

Goldberry's Socks

Goldberry's Socks

With Clearwater Cowl, I was going for the comfy Saturday feeling, wearing your favorite jeans, whether hanging out or running errands. It’s also a perfect weekend project, as it knits up quickly, and you could easily finish it over a movie or two. Or, in my case, several episodes of our household favorite, Jeeves & Wooster.

Clearwater Cowl


So Much Knitting, So Little Time

Scandes Mittens

It has been a busy knitting week around here! I have been enjoying my new mittens I finished recently.

Scandes Mittens

The pattern is by Adrian Bizilia, who I think is a master of mitten design!

Kierna Foley Test Knit - Complete

I do a lot of test and sample knitting, and most of the time I can’t show anybody since it’s top secret stuff. But, this week I finished test knitting this beautiful shawl for Kieran Foley, and I can show it off! It was a fun one to work on. I also finished testing a lovely sweater, but that one is top secret.

And, I just published another new pattern in my own series of scarves named for authors I like a lot—this one named for Isabel Allende.

Allende Scarf

2014 Winter Light

Winter Hydrangea

I always get reflective this time of year, setting goals, making lists, feeling the urge to clean and start fresh in many areas of my life. Last year I thought about starting to publish some of my own designs, and unlike most of my resolutions I am happy to say I actually stuck to that one! It’s been an exciting process and one I am really enjoying. It has given me another way to think about my love of fiber, yarn and knitting. I am so grateful for all the support I have had to give this a go!
I published two in this last month of the year, between the hustle and the holidays. The Chester Creek Cowl and Terrestrial.

Chester Creek Cowl

(Pattern details for this cowl can be found here.)

Terrestrial Hat

(Pattern details for this hat can be found here.)

I also started posting here on the ScratchCraft blog, having been in the background most of the time. Who knows if we will both write some posts, or how that will shake out, it’s still evolving.
I am looking forward to what 2015 will bring. I’ll make the usual pledges toward fitness and diet, friendship and trying new things. How about you, what do you want 2015 to hold in store for you?

Yoshimoto Scarf

Yoshimoto Scarf

To continue my small series of scarves inspired by some of my favorite female authors, this design is inspired by Banana Yoshimoto and the delightful way she heartens us to appreciate with our senses simple things; a cup of tea, a wooden floor, hot noodle soup or an elegant and soft knitted scarf.

Yoshimoto Scarf

The yarn I used for this scarf is a luxuriously soft yarn from Blue Sky Alpacas, called Royal. It is 100% alpaca, and I used the Antique Black color (#705).

Yoshimoto Scarf

Since it requires only one skein of this luxurious yarn it would make a great and pretty quick gift for someone special, or yourself!

Yoshimoto Scarf

Pattern details on Ravelry.