Another Start


Believe it or not, I am going to give this another shot. As busy as things have been, I do sometimes miss stepping back a little, capturing some thoughts, tidbits, and the occasional photo.

Our lives continue to revolve around being makers, and there is an intentional simplicity that is behind a lot of our decisions (not to mention that we just like the process of creating and filling our home with the things that we make). Increasingly, though, I am confronted with the fact that we are becoming more and more disconnected from the sources of our own well being—our food, our clothing, our shelter. Convenience plays a big part in the reason why this is happening. And, I am the first to admit that I appreciate the convenience that comes from living in a society built on mass-production.

However, it is hard to ignore, nor do I want to, the inequalities that exist in a post-industrial society, or the waste that is generated by living in a culture of disposability. These things exist and are a drain on resources and on our environment. Part of my hope with rekindling this blog is to nurture appreciation for the things that we do own, or plan on consuming in the days to come. Through the act of making, I would like to encourage us to take the time to consider the basic needs of our lives, and weigh the true costs of the stuff that we accumulate and use while going about our days.

Through sharing projects and inspiration, perhaps we can gain a little more understanding about the process and origins of the things we use. And, maybe, be OK with a little inconvenience in exchange for unique, handmade (by scratch!) goods and experiences to fill our lives.

The saga of the linen towels

When Quince launched Sparrow it just came in natural and I fell in love. I ordered some, and when it came I thought about how beautiful linen towels would be, so I bought some more…

Then I realized how insane it would be to knit towels on such tiny needles, so I decided I would try to weave them. I had done some weaving in college and with the help of a refresher private lesson or two I thought I would be good to go. So I rented a floor loom for a couple of months. That first lesson revealed I would need to buy a lot more Sparrow, so much more due to the loom waste that it was just too excessive.

V weaving

So, I did what any fiber lover would do, I bought more linen, much, much finer and more suitable to weaving. And I wove a set of towels…

Linen Towels

Linen Towels

Linen Towels

But I still had my Sparrow..

I thought it would be cool to knit them after all, but approach it like a meditation, to knit just a couple rows a day, or about 20-30 minutes. I started on a Winter Solstice… I actually stuck with it through both bath towels and into the hand towel but somewhere about October I got distracted and lost my mojo, so the project marinated for over a year.

Linen Towels

I finally dug it out this winter and finished the hand towel and one wash cloth. All seed stitch, all on 3mm needles. This is by far the craziest project or pair of projects I have ever done, but I love both sets!

Linen Towels


This time of year the garden is a great source of pleasure and pain! The weeding seems never-ending, the creeping things creep, the spreading things spread, but there’s also plenty of blossoming and blooming and plants beginning to bear fruit.

Milkweed Blossom

Wee Tomato

When we’re not stuffing our faces with the vegetable and fruit bounty, I have been knitting a bit. I have a new pattern, Brego, which is 25% until July 5 (no coupon code needed). I had the chance to use the lovely 4-ply sock yarn from Ancient Arts in the beautiful color Chocolate Lab.

Brego Socks

Brego Socks

Even with the darker color, this yarn shows the stitch pattern pretty nicely.

Linen Tank

Since I last posted, I also finished my version of Hane in Shibui Linen.

Grilling Veggies

Hope you are enjoying the bounty of the season as much as we are!

Alice’s Capelet

Alice's Capelet

Ok, it’s a little warm out to wear this now, but I have had the idea for this Capelet for a long time, and since it uses just one skein of Cascade Ecological wool, it was a pretty quick knit! It almost makes me ready for Fall!

Alice's Capelet

Alice’s Capelet 25% off until June 21, 2015, no coupon code needed.

Dan and I are off this week, planning on a mix of projects and fun during our “staycation”!


Radagast Socks

It seems like Radagast would approve of Bunny Acres, we seem to have another bunny nest at the moment! Radagast is the name of my latest sport weight sock pattern, on sale until June 14, 2015, for 25% off.

Radagast Socks

Anniversary Quilt

In other news, although I am not a Quilter, I do like to make one every so often. I finally finished this one with the help of a good friend who is a real Quilter and Dan and I have been enjoying it ever since! With the help of my friend it turned out so nice, much better then if I had been left to my own wild sewing ways. Dan and I bought the fabric for this over 6 years ago on a trip up north. We were there over Christmas and I remember the time exactly as it was shortly after my mother passed away and just before his leukemia. The quilt top was finished last summer, the ties finished last fall and I finally sewed the binding while we were up north this last time.

Anniversary Quilt

Despite not being much of a sewer I seem to still have a lot of fabric! I’m working on using it or passing it on to those that will.