Spinning, Even More Socks

No sooner do I post a finished pair of Virginia’s socks when I see another pair off the needles and blocking.


And, since the blogging police are insisting we disclose all information pertaining to our projects, the above socks were also knit using Meilenweit (this pair, the 6-ply sock yarn). The pattern is one of Virginia’s creations. She knit them on size 2.5US needles (double points). Let’s see… the photo was taken on our deck at about 3 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. Air temperature was a perfect 68˚F (actually a little cool in the breeze, but nice, nonetheless). Anything else?

On to spinning…

Back from an extended absence, I’ve managed to finish 8 oz. of dark Icelandic roving (it’s from the lamb, so it’s nice and soft). I picked this up last year from Riverwinds Farm, who had a booth at Shepherd’s Harvest. They do such a great job in preparing their fiber. I look forward to buying from them every year.

Handspun - Icelandic Lamb

There are a total of 394 yards of 2-ply yarn. The wheel is all clear now, so I have the exciting activity of picking out what to spin tonight!

Hope the weather in your neck of the woods is a great as it is here.

ETA: In case you haven’t figured it out, the photos are now bigger. So, you can click them to see a larger version… you know, for more detail.

More Flowers, More Socks

I’m glad I’ve decided to include more flora (and fauna) in this blog. During the spring, when surrounded by all of this blooming glory, it’s easy to start taking it for granted. So, having a record of what we can expect each spring will, I think, not only lighten up the darkest of winter days, but remind me now that this is a good time to be awake and aware of all that surrounds us.

Virginia definitely takes advantage of our new “cutting garden” (planted exclusively for brightening up the house), and I’m glad she does. I just wish we could have a show like this in mid-January.

Tulip Bouquet

Alas, unless you want to spend an arm and a leg for tulips in the middle of winter (not to mention encourage the enormous amount of energy and fuel expended in trying to get them from farm to store), we have to enjoy them when we can. Fortunately, there are other things that we can take advantage of in the middle of winter, that are harder to enjoy in warmer weather. Things like…


…handknit socks! Virginia’s sock needles are starting to pick up steam again, and I suspect we’ll be seeing more of those around here.

Shepherd’s Harvest (a.k.a. the weekend haul)

For those of you who live in or around the Twin Cities, MN and did not make it to the annual Shepherd’s Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival, you missed out. I’m so glad to see how much this festival grows each year. Just in the short time that I have been spinning (has it been four years already?) the vendor section has grown to fill three large buildings (quite a jump from the initial one building). That, plus the many classes, music, events, demonstrations and, of course, the knitter/spinner’s source of material…


From sheep to alpaca, angora goats to bunnies, kettle corn to french fries this should be on your list of places to acquire stash. So, make note for 2009… we’ll be there.



Obviously, we didn’t go just for the animals. I use this festival to build my spinning stash for the following year. I was surprisingly restrained this year (probably because I still have quite a bit unspun from last year… and maybe the year before… and maybe even the year before that, but who’s keeping track?). Restrained enough, that I’m not ashamed to show you what I hauled in:

SHSWF 2008

SHSWF 2008

SHSWF 2008

Some great finds include a pound of Mulberry Silk (undyed), a pound of combed Cormo top (incredibly lofty), some beautifully dyed Merino blends, and a new fiber for me to try, bamboo… should be an interesting experiment. If only I had finished up what I currently have on the wheel, I’d be able to play with new fiber tonight.

Note: Virginia made a few nice acquisitions of her own, including some beautiful organic cotton, which I’m sure will be featured at some point on this here blog.

A Welcome Change

Well, Spring is in full swing around here, and the yard is suddenly coming to life… with a show that is attracting an interesting crowd. My favorite this week is Mr. Toad.


We found him (her?) sitting, trying to act like a stone. A stone with a view of this:


and this:


I think, if I could, I’d spend most of my time hanging about the garden. But, we humans, instead, think we need to busy ourselves with jobs, politics and bathroom remodels… more about that in a couple of weeks!