More Flowers, More Socks

I’m glad I’ve decided to include more flora (and fauna) in this blog. During the spring, when surrounded by all of this blooming glory, it’s easy to start taking it for granted. So, having a record of what we can expect each spring will, I think, not only lighten up the darkest of winter days, but remind me now that this is a good time to be awake and aware of all that surrounds us.

Virginia definitely takes advantage of our new “cutting garden” (planted exclusively for brightening up the house), and I’m glad she does. I just wish we could have a show like this in mid-January.

Tulip Bouquet

Alas, unless you want to spend an arm and a leg for tulips in the middle of winter (not to mention encourage the enormous amount of energy and fuel expended in trying to get them from farm to store), we have to enjoy them when we can. Fortunately, there are other things that we can take advantage of in the middle of winter, that are harder to enjoy in warmer weather. Things like…


…handknit socks! Virginia’s sock needles are starting to pick up steam again, and I suspect we’ll be seeing more of those around here.

A Welcome Change

Well, Spring is in full swing around here, and the yard is suddenly coming to life… with a show that is attracting an interesting crowd. My favorite this week is Mr. Toad.


We found him (her?) sitting, trying to act like a stone. A stone with a view of this:


and this:


I think, if I could, I’d spend most of my time hanging about the garden. But, we humans, instead, think we need to busy ourselves with jobs, politics and bathroom remodels… more about that in a couple of weeks!

Could it be?

How anything survives these Minnesota winters still amazes me. Nevertheless life continues whether we look around and acknowledge it or not. The first bloomer in our yard is the tiny, delicate Hepatica flower.


Not to be outdone, though, Sedum sure makes a statement as its first leaves provide a striking contrast to the grays and browns of the garden beds.


Those aren’t the only things emerging from a period of rest. Virginia finished up a pair of socks after a tiny hiatus* of a couple of weeks. (* Hiatus is a relative term, since for me I’d consider it a break once we’ve reached the 6-month mark).


And, for those of you with keen memories, there might be one or two other socks in the collection made from the same Regia yarn… there are only so many choices out there.