Gone With the Wind

I’ve taken a crash course (thanks in part to this guy) in bike maintenance these last 24 hours. The reason being I found something on Craigslist (always the danger) I could not pass up:

Zebrakenko Wind

This lovely two wheeler has been sitting relatively unused for the past thirty-plus years. It’s a Japanese-made bike (a Zebrakenko “Wind,” to be precise) with many, if not all, original parts.

Zebrakenko Wind

I like the simplicity of design, with a couple of embellishments like this head badge:

Zebrakenko Wind - Head Badge

Since it’s been sitting around so long, it’s going to need a little rejuvenation. Hence the crash course in, specifically, rear derailleur adjustment. And, for things that I’m not able to do (like truing the wheels), we’re a hop skip and a jump from our local bike shop.

Zebrakenko Wind

It’s still high biking season, and with all the commuting I’ve been doing on my city bike, I’m looking forward to some road biking, unencumbered by my pannier full of clothes and lunch.