Miles of Crochet

A very audible sigh of relief was heard in the ScratchCraft household when the final loop was made on this piece.

Tropical Stripe Wrap

Twenty-four skeins of Spindrift were used to crochet this luxuriously substantial wrap. Let’s see, that’s 24 x 115 = approximately 2,760 yards of yarn, or about 1.57 miles of spun wool. That’s a lot of crochet (although, we have been spending some quality time in front of the television, to help the miles go by quicker).

Tropical Stripe Wrap

Virginia used a pattern by Kathy Merrick, called “Tropical Stripe Wrap” in the book Crochet in Color, deciding to play with 11 different colors of yarn.

Tropical Stripe Wrap

And, as this is a shop model for the local yarn store,  we’ll have to wait a bit before enjoying being wrapped in all that wooly goodness.

Tropical Stripe Wrap

Sneak Peek

Several major projects are wrapping up in the ScratchCraft household. Here’s a little sneak peek of what you can expect to see in the coming days.

Babette (sneak peek)

Jarrett (sneak peek)

Details to follow! In the meantime, we are celebrating Virginia’s birthday this weekend. I believe there are lots of good things to come this year – interesting places to visit, creative projects to start and complete, good food to eat (including a birthday cake or two). Here’s to a happy birthday, Virginia.

Virginia's Birthday Gladiolas