Albus’s Socks

Being up north last weekend we were really enchanted by the Elements.

Being in nature brings to mind the magic of the natural world all around us, if we have eyes to see it.

Of course, having shelter from the elements also helps in appreciating them, for which I am always grateful.

All that magic around us even inspired us to jump over the fire,  using the traditional way to renew our wedding vows.

Albus's Socks

With Magic in the air, and one of my favorite wizards on my mind,  my newest sock pattern is Albus’s Socks, which is 25% off until June 7, 2015. What could be more classic then grey cables? I think these are what he had in mind when wishing for warm socks for Christmas.

Albus's Socks


These are made with the lovely Spud & Chloë Fine, in the color Hippo. Such lovely yarn!

Mithril and Erebor and the Headwaters…

Rock and Moss

It was a big week around here! Dan and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary by visiting one of our favorite places on earth, lake Superior. It was fantastic. Being out by that huge lake or hiking around the many trails is a completely restorative experience. We come home feeling refreshed and grounded again. Also pretty creative!

This week I released two sock patterns: Mithril, which is 25% off until May 31, 2015, no coupon code needed. I used an absolutely gorgeous yarn from Ancient Arts, BFL in the color Pieces of Eight, which could not be more perfect to me. It’s grey, or green or silver or a warm pale blue or all together somehow. It was a pure delight to work on and I am really proud of the socks!

Mithril Socks

Mithril Socks

I also published a sport weight pattern: Erebor, which is a really fun and quick knit. These are also 25% off until May 31, 2015.

Erebor Socks

And since I posted last, a quick hat pattern that works well with a single skein of some special hand dyed yarn: Headwaters Hat.

Headwaters Hat

I hope you had a nice week as well!

The Choice

Every morning that I go to work I face a couple of options on how best to get there.

Option A:

Commute Option A

or, Option B:

Commute Option B

Any guesses as to which one I end up picking?

I’m not super confident my eagerness to go with Option B will be maintained through the next couple of months. It is 45-50 minutes on the bike, each way (about 9.5 miles), potentially a lengthy time to be exposed to the elements. However, rumor has it that El Niño is brewing, which often means a milder winter for us. So, despite the impending winter season, I may still be opting for Option B.

In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy a saner (not to mention healthier) way to get to work, and hope that by being outside more, my ability to withstand the cooler temperatures will grow (something my still-Ecuadorian blood often objects to).

Gone With the Wind

I’ve taken a crash course (thanks in part to this guy) in bike maintenance these last 24 hours. The reason being I found something on Craigslist (always the danger) I could not pass up:

Zebrakenko Wind

This lovely two wheeler has been sitting relatively unused for the past thirty-plus years. It’s a Japanese-made bike (a Zebrakenko “Wind,” to be precise) with many, if not all, original parts.

Zebrakenko Wind

I like the simplicity of design, with a couple of embellishments like this head badge:

Zebrakenko Wind - Head Badge

Since it’s been sitting around so long, it’s going to need a little rejuvenation. Hence the crash course in, specifically, rear derailleur adjustment. And, for things that I’m not able to do (like truing the wheels), we’re a hop skip and a jump from our local bike shop.

Zebrakenko Wind

It’s still high biking season, and with all the commuting I’ve been doing on my city bike, I’m looking forward to some road biking, unencumbered by my pannier full of clothes and lunch.


We’re back from a week up at Lake Superior, which is pretty much becoming our home away from home (at least it feels that way whenever we go). There is something so restorative about the lake and the surrounding rocky shores, and I often wonder how different my life would be if day after day I was surrounded by so much beauty.

Virginia Taking in the Lake

The early September air was cool and dry. Our hikes around the various parks were accomplished with much vigor (it also helped knowing an afternoon resting by the lake with a cold beer would follow).

Dan Scrabbling

For me, perhaps the most amazing part of our stay were the completely stunning sunrises that greeted us every morning. Each one a little different than the previous:




I consider myself a fairly cheerful person, but I can only imagine that a daily routine of sunrises and hikes and watching the water would have a pretty profound effect on my general outlook on life.

Until the day comes when that is possible, we will just have to get by with frequent getaways. And, once there, allow ourselves to absorb as much as we can of what the north has to offer.

Virginia on the Rocks