Miles of Crochet

A very audible sigh of relief was heard in the ScratchCraft household when the final loop was made on this piece.

Tropical Stripe Wrap

Twenty-four skeins of Spindrift were used to crochet this luxuriously substantial wrap. Let’s see, that’s 24 x 115 = approximately 2,760 yards of yarn, or about 1.57 miles of spun wool. That’s a lot of crochet (although, we have been spending some quality time in front of the television, to help the miles go by quicker).

Tropical Stripe Wrap

Virginia used a pattern by Kathy Merrick, called “Tropical Stripe Wrap” in the book Crochet in Color, deciding to play with 11 different colors of yarn.

Tropical Stripe Wrap

And, as this is a shop model for the local yarn store,  we’ll have to wait a bit before enjoying being wrapped in all that wooly goodness.

Tropical Stripe Wrap

3 Replies to “Miles of Crochet”

  1. So pretty! Just the thing to brighten up a cold, snowy day.

  2. Oh wow, that is simply glorious! I love the subtle colors in bold stripes. Just perfect.

  3. Beautiful as always! Sure would keep you warm on a cold winter day/1

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