Adding unpleasantries to the mix

Well, friends and readers, I’m a bit at a loss of words right now, but feel like I should at least start a note about the upcoming months. I was recently (like, 24 hours ago) diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia. I’m sending this note from my hospital room, where I will be confined for the next 4 weeks. The treatment, from what they’ve told me, is very good and has a 85-90% positive outcome. But, my stay will be confining (since I will be spending most of the time in a somewhat sealed room). I have plans to work on some knitting during this time, but I’m not sure how often I will be updating the blog. I’m not sure I want to turn this into a follow-Dan’s-health-blog, but this is such a huge thing for us right now, it didn’t seem right to not say anything. So keep us in your thoughts (especially Virginia, as she starts to pull super duty of housekeeper, supporter, caregiver and partner), and I’ll do my best to scratchcraft away the hours of recovery.

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  1. I’m sorry that my English isn’t good enough to convey what I’d like to say, so I’ll keep it simple: I’m keeping both of you in my thoughts.

  2. Oh my God, Dan. I’ll be thinking of you and Virginia.

    Sending you all the strength I can,


  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. May the Doctors heal you quickly!

  4. Dan, healing thought to you and positive ones to you and Virginia. Hang in there and I hope the next four weeks pass quickly with excellent results.

  5. I wish you speedy healthy and recovery. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted on how you are doing; even though you don’t want this to be a follow-Dan’s-health-blog, we want to know how you are.

  6. Hey Dan, words fail me. You guys are in my heart and prayers.

  7. Kick it’s butt!! The odds are in your favour.

  8. My prayers and best wishes are for you Dan and Virginia.

  9. Dan –

    I’ve been lurking on your blog for a while now, but wanted to come out of the shadows to wish you and Virginia all the best. I’ll be hoping for a complete and speedy recovery for you, and much strength for Virginia.

    Good luck!

  10. My best wishes to you and Virginia, I really hope you have a speedy recovery.

  11. Dan… I don’t know what to say. My thoughts and prayers are with you and V. Bless you both, and best wishes for a speedy and thorough recovery.

  12. Our thoughts are with you two.
    Speedy healthy recovery.

  13. Best wishes to both of you! You’ll be in my thoughts.

  14. You are both in my thoughts! Hope you heal quickly! I wish there was a way to hug people through a computer.

  15. Judith in Ottawa says:

    Delurking to send all my best wishes to you and Virginia and to hope for updates as you feel able. You may be so bored in that room that blogging looks exciting…

  16. Coming out from the shadows to send you healing vibes. I’ll be keeping you and Virginia in my thoughts.

  17. Love, prayers and a big abrazo are on the way.

  18. My very best wishes for a strong and speedy recovery for you. Be well.

  19. Dan, I’m so sorry to hear this news, and I’ll be praying for both you and Virginia in these coming months as you fight this head on. Be sure to wear lots of hand knit socks, so you can look down at your toasty feet for a small smile now and then. Hopefully you won’t have too much trouble finding some… 😉

  20. May your doctors be skilled, your body be ready for healing, and your spirit strong! (not to mention your yarn soft and plentiful…)

  21. I read your blog often… and my thoughts will be with you and Virgina.

  22. I pray that God blesses you and Virginia greatly and pours out all His peace for you. Please hang in there!!

  23. Take the time everyday to breathe and appreciate what you have.

    Take the time everyday to acknowledge how you are feeling, even if it is overwhelming.

    Take the time everyday to journal, either on your blog, on paper, or on As you look back on this time, it will seem surreal, and the reminders will be helpful. You will be amazed at how much you forget once you are through to the other side of this fight.

    Take the time to ask questions, and keep asking until you understand the questions. And, realize that there are always more questions.

    As both a caregiver and a patient, these things help you keep centered when life is just a little bit crazy.

  24. Heather Justin and family says:

    Hi guys.
    Words cannot express how I am feeling right now as tears fall down my face…
    You are both in my family’s thoughts and prayers.
    May peace with you!

    love and lots of hugs and kisses.
    Heather Justin
    jon, conor meharu and tarikua

  25. An “85-90% positive outcome” is very good! I am sorry that you and Virginia are going through this ordeal, but keep in mind “this too shall pass.”

    You and Virginia will remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  26. Holy shit. Dan. Virginia. I’m speechless.

    There’s a whole community of spinners and knitters and bakers and brewers cheering you on.

    My very best to you both.

  27. Thinking about you, Dan and Virginia, and sending as many positive healing thoughts as I can.

  28. Trista Harris says:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. Knowing you, I imagine that there will be at least 60 pairs of warm and fuzzy socks that come out of this process. Take care,

  29. I’m a regular reader, but have never really felt up to commenting before now. I just wanted to say that I’m thinking positive thoughts for you and hoping things turn out well so you can keep on knitting, spinning, weaving, and baking for years and years to come.

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