Crash course in home health care

I’m sure I’ve mentioned how much of a difference it makes having someone by your side to help go through all the tough stuff in life. But, I feel it bears repeating. Virginia has been a wonder and has taken on so many different roles over the past couple of months that to list them all would be a feat in and of itself. And, all of this she has accepted without complaint… including all of the stuff she has to do just to keep me maintained. She cleans and flushes my two ports every day. She’s been trained to change my dressing once a week. And, now, she’s just learned how to give me an injection (I know full well, I’d not be able to do it to myself). We hope this is just a temporary assignment, but since my white blood cell count is still sluggish in its increase, my oncologist ordered some injections of G-CSF to help stimulate the bone marrow into producing more white blood cells. So, lucky Virginia gets to add another skill to her repertoire.

I tell myself that if push came to shove I could probably do these things if I had to, but upon further reflection, I really doubt it. So thank you, my dear, for everything—for making this crazy time in our lives that much easier to go through. Like our friend Tim said, “you should get combat pay for this one.”

On a different note…

I received a couple of Bio-Domes from a colleague whose son (I think) designs and sells them. They are the perfect chemo cap for the summer (or spring and fall, too). Thank you!

Bio-Dome (aka Chemo Cap)

4 Replies to “Crash course in home health care”

  1. You’re looking rather dapper in your hat! It looks good on you!

    You and V make a very strong pair. You’re lucky to have each other.

  2. Just so you know there are some of us out here that truely think bald is beautiful. I know it’s said to women from time to time, but now I’ll say it to you. “If you got it, flaunt it.”

    And something tells me that (although it is probably nice for her to hear), you knew that V was somethin’ special even before all of this crazy business. I’ve only known her for a short time and I even knew that. Lucky you, to have each other.

  3. In sickness and in health, right? This is what true love is all about. Dan, you’ve got yourself an amazing wife. Three cheers to Virginia for shouldering the load. It is hard, for sure, but I’m certain she would say she wouldn’t have it any other way.

  4. She’s a good woman, but I knew that.
    To tell the truth, you are kind of a hottie in that hat and no hair. Who knew??

    I think about you guys a lot. If that helps.

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