End of May Mittens, (End of) Earth Bread

Hot off Virginia’s needles are these fabulous mittens.

End of May Mittens

They are knit using Cascade 220. Pattern is by Mandy Powers, called “End of May.” They will fit right in with this Middle of January.

End of May Mittens

End of May Mittens

While the mittens were blocking I was playing in the kitchen, trying to start making a dent in the bulk, two pounds of yeast I had bought a few weeks back. The bread was inspired by a desire to eat less refined foods (including flour, sugar, etc…).

Earth Bread

It’s made with a whole wheat flour sponge, but crammed inside are all sorts of goodies, like wild rice, barley, molasses, flax seed meal, sunflower seeds and some caraway seeds. I call it (End of) Earth Bread (not to be confused with the Earth Bread recipes floating around out there that are laden with oil and sugar), and think it would by a necessary addition should there be an End of Earth. Virginia thinks I’ve been watching too many post-apocalyptic shows lately (she’s right about that). But, I have to say a few loaves of this and you’d be good to go.

4 Replies to “End of May Mittens, (End of) Earth Bread”

  1. The blues of your mittens are fantastic! I like the braided edge, too. Wonderful!

  2. Love the mittens! cute!

  3. A cookbook you might like is “The Great Scandinavian Baking Book” by Beatrice Ojakangas. I got a copy for my birthday – lots of rye breads that are delicious! Your recipe sounds tasty, too. I especially like flax seed!

  4. The mittens look so warm! Perfect for Minnesota! Virginia, they are really pretty. Dan, your bread looks great, too!

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