Erin (and apple pie)


Virginia wrapped up another cardigan (even before the keyboard was able to cool down from the previous post). This is “Erin” (from Heartfelt) by Kim Hargreaves, knit using Rowan’s Calmer.


Like her, I have my hands clasped in front of me (more over my stomach, really), because as I type this, the aroma of baking apple pie wafts through the air and is making me quite hungry.

Apple pie - before the oven

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Apple pie is a staple around these parts, and will continue to be so since a coworker bestowed upon me several bags of Haralsons from a tree in his yard.

I’ve done what I can to make this not so much a treat – instead something that can be eaten as a meal (as breakfast with a cup of coffee is perfect), a dessert or just because. Basically, the apples (about 20 of them) are peeled, cut up and tossed with a handful of chopped dates, spices (cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom) and some flour (3-4 Tbsp).

The crust is about 1/3 cup butter (chilled and diced) pressed into 1.5 cups of flour (I also like to add a dash of cinnamon to the crust) and a sprinkling of water to hold it together when rolling out. Roll the crust so that it is quite a bit bigger than the pie pan used. Fill with apple mixture and fold the crust over (like a rustic tart). Bake in a preheated 425º oven for 50 minutes (or until apples are done to your liking). I also like to put a small piece of foil over the opening at the top of the pie to help the apples steam a little. I remove this piece 15 minutes before pie is done baking.

There is debate on if apple pie is better eaten cool or warm. Personally, I like the pie to cool before eating (the apples seem sweeter, and the flavor is more melded). However, if I’ve completely lost my self-control and there is vanilla ice cream in the house… umm, let’s just not go there.

Edited to add:

Apple pie - after the oven


10 Replies to “Erin (and apple pie)”

  1. That’s such a beautiful sweater! I particularly love the bottom edge.

    And my vote, when it comes to the apple pie question, is YES PLEASE.

  2. The pie looks pretty good!

  3. You are a cruel, cruel man. Always showing me treats that I can’t eat through the screen…

    And lovely sweater V!

  4. That is a truly gorgeous sweater! I love the way it drapes and especially the color. Very flattering.

  5. What a beautiful fits beautifully too.
    I luv my warm apple crisp in the morning for breaky:)

  6. Gorgeous sweater, V! Absolutely gorgeous. Love the buttons too.

    And oh, apple pie. yum!

  7. Stunning! I love the color and the fit is amazing! Great job!

  8. Your apple pie is making me hungry. I have some apples that are just calling to be used.

  9. This is a lovely sweater, falls beautifully and fits like a glove. Apply pie looks pretty good too!

  10. I can’t decide which one delights the eyes more – another gorgeous sweater or that nummy, nummy pie!

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