Fine Furried Friends

What happens when you have long periods of waiting (away from home), an overabundant fiber stash (with some of that fiber a bit too slubby to spin), and a latent god/creator complex.

You make furry companions.

Bear and Chicken

Bear and Chicken

Bear and Chicken

Ok, the god complex might be a bit of an exaggeration, and something had to happen with that fiber — better to surround one’s self with furried friends than just furried bags of fiber.

4 Replies to “Fine Furried Friends”

  1. aww but the lil chicken is so cute!

  2. both are adorable!

  3. oh, these are cute! i haven’t tried anything like this yet, but I always admire them at fairs and shows when I see them.

  4. aaaawww – cutie cutiepies!! they are simply too cute! I really can’t decide which is most adorable, I think I’ll have both!! 😉

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