Herringbone Sweater

One of the many benefits of being married to Virginia is the resultant product of her prolific knitting. While my own projects seem to languish for years – waiting for a final push – she hesitates not, and makes good on her promises to finish time and again. Most recently, she knit me this:

Herringbone Sweater

It’s the Herringbone Sweater, a pattern by Erika Knight in her book Men’s Knits: A New Direction.

Herringbone Sweater

The two-color knitting makes for a nice, thick fabric that will keep me warm for winters to come (I’ll have to wait a little while, as it hangs as a shop model at The Yarnery). She used Nashua Knits Julia (a soft blend of wool, alpaca and mohair). Look at all those herring bones. What you can’t really see from this picture is the Herringbone Twill I’m beginning to weave on the ol’ tabletop – yet another distraction to keep me from finishing my own sweater (which sits in a pile in the other room).

Herringbone Sweater

As long as we’re making stuff, right?

5 Replies to “Herringbone Sweater”

  1. Ooh! Very lovely! I love the color combination she chose. It’s very flattering on you.

  2. Yes I agree a lovely sweater and you look very handsome in it as well 😉

  3. Nice!

  4. Welcome to the club. I have a 1000 languishing projects as well (what else is new?).

    BTW i don’t know what i enjoyed more of your post — V’s sweater or your big grin. me thinks the later (no offense, V!)

  5. that would be latter, not later.

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