House Favorites

You’ve seen both of these make appearances on ScratchCraft multiple times, but in different forms. The beautiful thing is that there is no limit to the types of combinations available for us to make and sample. I’m talking about mittens and I’m talking about pies. Virginia likes making the former and I the latter.

She just finished making Charlene Schurch’s “Pattern 1” from the book Mostly Mittens.

Mittens (Pattern 1)

These are knit with some lovely yarn by Simply Shetland. It’s their Lambswool and Cashmere blend – super soft, super warm, perfect for keeping hands cozy.

Mittens (Pattern 1)

I prefer taking a more indirect approach to keeping ourselves cozy and warm. It starts with a few basic ingredients, then add some heat, serve with tea.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Winter seems to be dragging on in Minnesota, and for everyone bemoaning the fact that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow (meaning another 6 weeks of winter), I say, “If only we could be so lucky.” It’s going to be awhile before Summer rolls around. In the meantime, Strawberry Rhubarb pie (made without refined sugar, of course) does the trick.

So, really, these are not just house favorites, but house necessities. And, ones we’ll continue to make and enjoy for awhile.

4 Replies to “House Favorites”

  1. Beautiful mittens. They look very soft. And the pie doesn’t look half bad either. 🙂

  2. Oooh I LOVE the color combo in those mitts!

  3. Ditto on the colours. Very nice and subtle and classy.
    Hey, would that pie make in the mail up here to the frozen north??
    Rats. thought not.

  4. Barb, the pie probably wouldn’t make it, however when you go on your international book tour, make sure you pass through the Twin Cities and we’ll have you over for some.

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