Wait long enough to finish a project, and you’ll more than likely have a few experiences to attach to it, to intertwine in the loops of fabric being created. I suppose that’s one of the cool things about knitting – you have moments that you find yourself working row after row, and soon you find yourself deep in the moment, contemplating the day – what’s for dinner, what’s rush hour traffic going to be like tomorrow, when should we take a vacation, or how long am I going to have cancer?


Yes, it took me that long to finish this sweater. I started it back in 2008 (I can’t even remember the month). Actually, for all I know, it could have been 2007. Virginia had several skeins of a lovely sport weight yarn (a wool blend of Romney, Border Leicester and Corriedale) from a small producer in Fort Madison, IA called Lamb Lane. She offered it to me as I was determining whether or not to make Kim Hargreaves’ Jarrett.


As with a lot of my knitting projects, I start and stop in fits. And, usually when I am knitting I find myself distracted, or as Virginia likes to call it, “Admiring my work.” So, things can take awhile.

The opportunity to really give the sweater a lot time came last year, but after a few rows in the hospital that first month, I found my situation a little too distracting for knitting. Still, thinking back on that act of bringing my knitting to the hospital speaks of a deep hope – that there would be an end to the ordeal (and, I would most likely desire having a cardigan to wear).


Still, it took even longer to finish the sweater. The second autumn and winter passed, and it wasn’t until our trip to the Pacific Northwest and a stop at the Button Emporium in Portland, that I found renewed motivation to finish the sweater – groovy leather buttons.

Jarrett - Leather Button Detail

Now it’s done. Although, I’m not too happy with the elbow patches – I think I placed them a little high, so there’s a bit of adjustment that needs to happen – but, it’s wearable. It’ll probably be another year before those patches get moved, which makes me think that for those of you whipping out projects left and right, just remember the longer you let something “marinate” in the project basket, the more stories and experiences you’ll have to help hold it together. (Of course, you’ll also have fewer finished projects, a lot fewer in my case.)

7 Replies to “Jarrett”

  1. Looks fantastic! And I do love those leather buttons.

    I wonder if the elbow patch issue will just work itself out as the sweater gets broken in and things stretch a bit? They don’t look excessively high in the photos. But you as the wearer would know best, of course.

  2. Nice sweater! You did a beautiful job. I hope you will enjoy it for many years to come.

  3. Love it! I was thinking the same thing as Elli. I think with time, you’ll find that the patches really are in the perfect spot. It looks great on you.

  4. Great job, Dan. Looks very nice!

  5. Maybe it was meant for someone with shorter arms, in which case the elbow patches might be in the right place and you’d have a new project (making yourself another one). Nice job!

  6. Love that sweater. It was worth the wait.

  7. Very nice, Dan. Both the sweater and the rumination about it.

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