First Tomato of the Season

Not long after this picture was taken, a certain someone could be seen with a bit of juice running down his hands and chin.

Let’s hope I have enough self control to allow an actual harvest to take place later this summer. Still, it’s pretty exciting – the first fruit of the season.

2 Replies to “Juicy”

  1. I’ve got some country bacon from Pastures A Plenty that would make a great BLT with the help of that tomato!

  2. A ripe tomato. I have one tomato that is not as dark green as the rest.. but no hint of red yet. If we are lucky, we might have one or two before frost hits them, and we have to ripen them inside.
    I hope your guilt over having ripe tomatoes on your plants doesn’t spoil your pleasure (I doubt somehow that it will!)

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