Maimu’s Mittens

Like I said before, Virginia has been bitten by the mitten bug. These she finished in a mere week. Perhaps not so astounding if you lived in eastern Europe and had to make multiple pairs of mittens for every major occasion in your life. These are from Nancy Bush’s “Folk Knitting in Estonia.”

Maimu's Mittens

These are knit with some beautiful lambswool yarn that she picked up last year at Shepherd’s Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival from Riverwinds Farm.

Maimu's Mittens

She knit these using size 3US needles.

Maimu's Mittens

I wish I had smaller hands.

3 Replies to “Maimu’s Mittens”

  1. They’re gorgeous!

  2. Okay, I turn my head for a minute, and there you are churning out mittens like crazy. Lovely ones too.
    I really like your deck, and what you did with the old boards. Redwood just about lasts for ever, glad you made something so lovely with it.
    Is that pressure treated wood you used on the new deck? They (woodworkers) say you should let it sit a year before applying stain/finish, to let it air dry that bit more. We did that with our last deck, and it was much much nicer after 5 years.

    Dan, you do as lovely a job with wood as you do with fibre. It doesn’t look like “oh that’s good enough” applies with you…it’s either right or it isn’t!
    Hey….wanna build a cradle???

  3. Wow those look beautiful and very inspirational as I have the book and also handspun black alpaca/icelandic lamb.
    Well done!

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