We’re back from a week up at Lake Superior, which is pretty much becoming our home away from home (at least it feels that way whenever we go). There is something so restorative about the lake and the surrounding rocky shores, and I often wonder how different my life would be if day after day I was surrounded by so much beauty.

Virginia Taking in the Lake

The early September air was cool and dry. Our hikes around the various parks were accomplished with much vigor (it also helped knowing an afternoon resting by the lake with a cold beer would follow).

Dan Scrabbling

For me, perhaps the most amazing part of our stay were the completely stunning sunrises that greeted us every morning. Each one a little different than the previous:




I consider myself a fairly cheerful person, but I can only imagine that a daily routine of sunrises and hikes and watching the water would have a pretty profound effect on my general outlook on life.

Until the day comes when that is possible, we will just have to get by with frequent getaways. And, once there, allow ourselves to absorb as much as we can of what the north has to offer.

Virginia on the Rocks

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  1. I miss this lake. I want to lay my back on the rocks of that shore while the sun can still be there for me to bask in, because it will soon give way to wispy, cold winds, and my dear back will not even notice.

  2. Fantastic photos of Lake Superior. One of my favorite spots on Earth.

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