Pickles and (take a guess) Socks

Virginia, I’m sad to say, is not going to have a finished big project for the month of July. Life, right now, is taking the driver’s seat, and leaving the projects we’d like to be finishing, well, unfinished. But, such is life, with its many ups and downs. We take it all.

However, I wouldn’t just post to the site without leaving you with some actual scratchcrafty goodness. Even though the big projects are on hold, does not mean the smaller projects are not being completed. These two pairs of socks, for instance, were wrapped up in the last week.

Sock #10 (52 Sock Challenge)

Sock #11 (52 Sock Challenge)

This last one is Mountain Colors Bearfoot doubled up. That means twice the squish, and probably twice the warmth.

For my own distraction today, I decided to try my hand at some pickling. I picked up 6 pounds of organic cucumbers, a bunch of dill and some garlic from the farmer’s market today.

Pickles, part 1

After comparing a couple of different recipes from several locations, I decided on a vinegar/water/salt solution, with added dill and dill seeds, peppercorns, and garlic. The solution boiled and then, after pouring it over the stuffed jars, I processed it all in boiling water for 20 minutes. The results:

Pickles, part 2

I think we’ll be ready for a cold, crunchy pickle in a couple of weeks… very exciting.

4 Replies to “Pickles and (take a guess) Socks”

  1. Mmmmm…they look absolutely delicious! I wish my husband was as handy as you.

  2. No cucs ready here yet. Those look so good, wish I could be there to scoop one or two when they are ready.
    My garden WAS coming along wonderfully, till Fri. night when a wind like a freight train came through and blew down trees and things including one honker right on top of the corn. RATS!
    No big July project??? nya, nya, nya!!! I better go count up my 2008 projects and see how far behind I am on the challenge…maybe I can catch up yet!

  3. How can I make you a part of my friends in the Ravelry? You have a very interesting blog. I am msloloknitter3.


  4. Love the socks! I’m working on my second sock out of the same ONline yarn as your first sock. Such a summery colorway!

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