Project Catch-Up (Socks)

Over the next couple of days I will do my best to post some/most of Virginia’s finished projects that have failed to make it up here. Obviously, there has been a lack in scratchcrafty goodness on the blog, but that doesn’t mean that we weren’t making stuff (or, more accurately, it doesn’t mean that Virginia wasn’t making stuff, she definitely was. I, on the other hand, had plenty of time, but little energy, so not a whole lot to show from me).

Socks are good, portable projects, and there was plenty of sock knitting happening while I was laid up in the hospital. The following represent, I think, half of the socks knitted during the last few months. For those wanting to know more specific details on these projects, or see the rest, they have been Raveled here.

Socks (5 of 52PPIII)

Socks (6 of 52PPIII)

Socks (7 of 52PPIII)

Socks (8 of 52PPIII)

Socks (9 of 52PPIII)

Socks (10 of 52PPIII)

Next up, mittens.

5 Replies to “Project Catch-Up (Socks)”

  1. Nice! Great socks! Such pretty colors and designs.

  2. Great socks! Glad to hear you’re home. 🙂

  3. Knee socks too!?! Go V!

  4. Just found your blog today – so lovely! Are the turquoise socks your own design? I’d love to have that pattern.

    1. The bluish/turquoise socks are done using Cookie A.’s pattern Wanida.

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