Rainy Day Fingerless Gloves + Mitts

Rainy Day Fingerless Gloves

After making a pair of these fun hand-warmers for a friend, Virginia decided she had to have a pair herself. She modified the pattern to be a fingerless mitten (instead of glove) so she didn’t have to worry about her ring(s) getting caught up in the fabric.

Rainy Day Fingerless Gloves

Both pairs are made with bits of worsted-weight alpaca yarn (a few different brands). And, technically, these are more “cloudy” than “rainy” and the apple trees have all be picked clean. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, you’ll have to see the original pattern by Elli Stubenrauch (Elliphantom Knits).

Rainy Day Fingerless Gloves

Still plenty cute.

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  1. They look lovely and soft. I luv the colours.

  2. Ooh those are cute! I don’t know which I like better. Fingerless or, um, fingerless. Mittenless?

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