ScratchCraft (in time for the holidays)

ScraftchCraftiness for Sale!

Looking for something different to give during this holiday season? Something not mass-produced, but unique and crafted with care? Look no further! Virginia and I have put together a sampling of goods that we have made.

ScraftchCraftiness for Sale!

You’ll find everything from hand knits to paper goods, ornaments to napkins. You’ll find something for any one, any age. Plus, you’ll know that what you are buying has been carefully crafted by us, using quality materials.

Click here to visit our shop.

3 Replies to “ScratchCraft (in time for the holidays)”

  1. I love the page on Flikr with all of Virginia’s socks. It’s very colorful. Any chance that you’re selling any of those socks? Well, I tried buying a scarf, but I think I must have signed up for a Paypal account a couple of years ago that I don’t use, because it wouldn’t let me use my credit card. I will try to get that figured out, so I can buy the scarf. Thanks for sharing ScratchCraft. Your blog always cheers me up.

  2. I really love the “Will not operate on empty” gauge but I cannot find it for sale on your site as an object or image.


    1. Hi Kali, the gauge is actually on a baby’s onesie

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