Weeks 11 & 12 in Review

Plenty of good things happened over these last two weeks. First, not only did I pass a two-year mark of being diagnosed with leukemia, I also (for the first time in more than two years) had a normal white blood count and my quarterly test came back negative. One of these days I’ll be able to approach these blood tests without much anxiety (perhaps when I have a dozen or so under my belt).

Even more exciting (as you see pictured in the middle frame below), the snow started to pull back from the ground, revealing signs of life. This has been such a long, cold winter. Both Virginia and I are so ready for some warmth and some green (not long after that picture was taken, another 6 inches of the stuff fell and promptly covered it up – we’ll get there one of these days).

Week in Review - 11

I’m starting to go through some old family photos, and thought I’d share one of yours truly playing in the kitchen. This week, I replaced the Tupperware helmet with a cast iron wok, but other than that, not a whole lot has changed.

Week in Review - 12

2 Replies to “Weeks 11 & 12 in Review”

  1. You had an early start in the kitchen. I’m glad the tupperware was replaced with a cast iron wok. More useful!

  2. I don’t know….I used that helmut to mix up a lot of recipe ingredients (don’t faint now — I really have baked a few things in my life!). I did try wearing it, but that didn’t work so well. Looks much better on you. ‘-)

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