Another Start


Believe it or not, I am going to give this another shot. As busy as things have been, I do sometimes miss stepping back a little, capturing some thoughts, tidbits, and the occasional photo.

Our lives continue to revolve around being makers, and there is an intentional simplicity that is behind a lot of our decisions (not to mention that we just like the process of creating and filling our home with the things that we make). Increasingly, though, I am confronted with the fact that we are becoming more and more disconnected from the sources of our own well being—our food, our clothing, our shelter. Convenience plays a big part in the reason why this is happening. And, I am the first to admit that I appreciate the convenience that comes from living in a society built on mass-production.

However, it is hard to ignore, nor do I want to, the inequalities that exist in a post-industrial society, or the waste that is generated by living in a culture of disposability. These things exist and are a drain on resources and on our environment. Part of my hope with rekindling this blog is to nurture appreciation for the things that we do own, or plan on consuming in the days to come. Through the act of making, I would like to encourage us to take the time to consider the basic needs of our lives, and weigh the true costs of the stuff that we accumulate and use while going about our days.

Through sharing projects and inspiration, perhaps we can gain a little more understanding about the process and origins of the things we use. And, maybe, be OK with a little inconvenience in exchange for unique, handmade (by scratch!) goods and experiences to fill our lives.

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  1. Love and totally agree with your thoughts!

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