The saga of the linen towels

When Quince launched Sparrow it just came in natural and I fell in love. I ordered some, and when it came I thought about how beautiful linen towels would be, so I bought some more…

Then I realized how insane it would be to knit towels on such tiny needles, so I decided I would try to weave them. I had done some weaving in college and with the help of a refresher private lesson or two I thought I would be good to go. So I rented a floor loom for a couple of months. That first lesson revealed I would need to buy a lot more Sparrow, so much more due to the loom waste that it was just too excessive.

V weaving

So, I did what any fiber lover would do, I bought more linen, much, much finer and more suitable to weaving. And I wove a set of towels…

Linen Towels

Linen Towels

Linen Towels

But I still had my Sparrow..

I thought it would be cool to knit them after all, but approach it like a meditation, to knit just a couple rows a day, or about 20-30 minutes. I started on a Winter Solstice… I actually stuck with it through both bath towels and into the hand towel but somewhere about October I got distracted and lost my mojo, so the project marinated for over a year.

Linen Towels

I finally dug it out this winter and finished the hand towel and one wash cloth. All seed stitch, all on 3mm needles. This is by far the craziest project or pair of projects I have ever done, but I love both sets!

Linen Towels

6 Replies to “The saga of the linen towels”

  1. Both of these are so beautiful!

  2. Holy cow! These are beautiful.

  3. virginia Sattler-Reimer says: Reply

    Thank you! 🙂

  4. Heidi Holland says: Reply

    One can just feel the luxury in those towels! Those must be a labor of love!

  5. Wow! Totally missed this saga (both online and in person)! These are gorgeous, v. Wanna hear more weaving stories…

  6. These are gorgeous. How many skeins of sparrow did you use?

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