Back to bad food and sleepless nights

Well, that patience that I was talking about could have come in handy yesterday. I spiked a fever in the morning, and after consulting with the on-call oncologist, went to the emergency room. Eight hours later (most of that time spent sitting and stewing about the inefficencies of the system, lack of communication and the fact that the eight-hour wait could have been avoided if they had just admitted me like last time) I was welcomed back by the staff in the oncology ward for another stay.

So, here I am again, waiting for my blood counts to go back up, waiting for the fevers to subside.

4 Replies to “Back to bad food and sleepless nights”

  1. Having been there we have an idea of your environment and will pray for a speedy recovery.

  2. I hope your blood counts go up soon. Take care. Wish you all the best.


  3. Dan:

    It is odd that you and I both should be going through cancer at this age. I was reflecting on this and think I figured it out. Remember when we used to climb underneath the old school building in elementary school and find animal bones? Perhaps there was a barrel of leaky toxic waste that got us.

    Anyway — I will stay tuned here to follow this journey with you. I pray we will both be old curmudgeons soon.


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