A week ago Sunday (has it been that long?) I was admitted back in to the oncology ward (referred to as 8 East – has a better ring to it, doesn’t it?). The fevers I had on Sunday and Monday went away (probably because of the antibiotics they had me on again), but my numbers are still taking their time to get back up to where I can fight off infection. So, even though I’m feeling relatively good, here I am. This time around I’m one of the easy patients — other than 3 transfusions of platelets and 2 transfusions of packed red blood cells, I’m just sort of hanging out (although, the days when my hemoglobin is down I tend to sleep a lot, so that doesn’t really count as hanging out).

So, the other day they talked me into getting a DVD player in the room (provided by 8 East) as well as a Playstation (a PS2, if I’m not mistaken). The last time I spent any serious time on a gaming console was when I bought a second-hand SEGA Genesis with my hard-earned allowance in junior high. Twenty years later and a couple of hours of some arduous training, I still might have a chance to become a mechanized cop ready to free the world of terrorists and robots. Of course, Andy (the nurse that hooked me up with this particular distraction) has coached and encouraged me a little (in between his rounds, of course).

So, while I save the world from the bad guys, I wait here in the hospital while the real heroes (sorry for the cheesy comparison) work on getting my bone marrow to start functioning properly again.

I’m hoping to head home early this coming week, so keep your fingers crossed. And, after a few days of rest and rebuilding of strength, I’ll be repeating the whole process all over again. Let’s just hope they don’t overwrite the memory card on the PS2 between now and then…

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  1. We’re crossing our fingers you’ll be home soon… Shannon and I want to stop by and say hi! Take care!

  2. Jene Bene says:


    to H**K with the PS2 — sounds like the perfect time for the Buffy DVDs! (the goddess of metaphorical heroes in my humble opinion). let me know when you want’m. you’ll be totally hooked, i promise! I can throw in a chocolate treat or two as well….


  3. Kristine says:

    Dan the Man – I think PS2 is most definitely the answer! Sort of mindless interaction but requires focus and concentration… Great idea. I am sure you will master the game and will be looking to supplement your homelife with the latest and greatest!

    Glad to hear this round seems to be going better than the first – I am sure you are looking forward to being back at home.

    We’re all thinking about you –

  4. Doug & Darlene Peters says:

    Hi Dan,

    We were recently with your parents for a coffee time at their home in COS. We are praying for you as you travel this journey with your health. You have many friends cheering you on as you wait for healing.

    Doug & Darlene Peters

  5. Ken and Irene Edgar says:

    Hi, Dan,

    We saw your bald head on Peter’s Facebook friends listing yesterday. Perhaps you influenced him to join Facebook. We are praying for you as you undergo your medical treatment. May you be strengthened in your inner man.

    Ken and Irene Edgar

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