Home at last… again

That’s right. The oncologists agreed to send me home today. I’m still neutropenic, so they made me promise to come back if my condition changed, and packed my bags with a whole arsenal of antibiotics. So far, so good. I’m awfully tired (2-and-a-half weeks of hospital stay is no way to build strength and endurance), but very happy to be able to spend the better part of the day hanging out somewhere other than room 8109. And, since it is our 8th anniversary today, it’s especially nice to be home.

8 Replies to “Home at last… again”

  1. Happy anniversary! Eight years, that’s terrific, congrats. 🙂 And welcome home again. Sending you warm thoughts.

  2. What a great anniversary gift!
    Always sending happy healing thoughts your way.

  3. Glad you’re back home, Dan. Happy anniversary to you both.

  4. Happy belated anniversary to both of you!

    Take care,


  5. Happy Anniversary! So glad you were home to enjoy it!!!

  6. Tom and Colette says:

    More congradulations on you and Virginia’s eight anniversary!! You are both very very fortunate.

    In four more months we celebrate our 50th anniversary. The longer you go, the easier ( and funner) they get.

    T and C

  7. Happy Anniversary to both of you! Glad to hear that you are back home again. Enjoy the nice weather on the deck and take care.

  8. Happy Anniversary. Being together at home is definitely one of the best parts of being married so I’m glad you were able to celebrate it right.

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