After being sprung from the hospital on Tuesday, I was greeted in our yard by all manner of spring things in the process of renewal. As the days wore on during this last stay, I had a feeling I would miss out on the most exciting time of the year (as far as our yard is concerned). Granted, I did miss out on the crab apple and most of the tulips, but there are still enough reminders around me to illustrate the ever-growing and renewing side of nature. I feel a bit more compelled this year to take that all in, to appreciate it just a bit more, and to let it translate to my own body. Spring is the time for overcoming odds, for taking the energy that has been stored for the past 5 months (or 8 if you live in Minnesota) and converting it to something like this:



Snowball Verbenum


I have one more round of chemotherapy to go (fingers crossed) — most likely to start in two weeks or so. But, I am encouraged and renewed by the sight of these things.

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  1. My fingers will remain crossed for you and the prayers continued.

  2. My prayers are with you during your time of need. You always inspired me with your spinning and knitting abilities. I will pray for your complete recovery.

  3. Beautiful pictures!! My fingers are crossed right along with yours!

  4. How beautiful!
    I have fingers and toes crossed too.

  5. Seeing your awe of Spring exploding around us is refreshing. We had a small taste of a hospital stay over Memorial Day weekend. On the 4th day, Melisa was given a 6-hour pass to leave. We probably did more in that 6 hours than we usually do in a day simply because it was so nice to be away from the hospital all together as a family. I can only begin to imagine sitting in a hospital room for weeks at a time.

    Hang in there brother!

  6. What beautiful photos! What kind of camera do you have? I’m thinking of buying a camera for my trip to India, but I haven’t used a camera in many years. My sister, a photographer, inherited the camera genes in my family.

  7. Very nice photos. They illustrate well the balance of light and darkness that is reflected in our lives. Here’s hoping for more light for us all.

    Take care,


  8. Terrific photos, Dan. I hope this means you’re out and about and soaking up the, what, energy of spring. It’s definitely my favorite time of year. In the mornings, I pop out of bed around 5am, take Baxter for a walk while the world is still quietly stirring itself awake and then return home to begin putzing around in the gardens. They probably don’t really need my help, but I can’t resist the physicality of the dirt and plant life or playing the role of nurturer rather than controller / designer. As you might imagine, most days I’m quite reluctant to step away from all that and go to work.
    [This is the point where I need to stop and count my blessings, right?]
    My best to you and Virginia.

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