Back to Normal?

The dust is finally starting to settle on our bathroom project. In fact, with the exception of a couple of tiny items on the to-do list, we’re calling this one done.

Once again, I did not take a “before” picture. But, let me tell you, the “before” was quite a stark contrast to what we ended up with. Imagine yellow/tan linoleum on the floor, walls and ceiling covered with dark cedar paneling, a giant two-sink vanity (complete with an expanse of mirrors, large globe lights a la dressing studio) and shiny gold-plated fixtures for that extra-fancy touch. I wonder why we waited 8 years to do anything about it. Nonetheless, we (with the aid of a very helpful carpenter/plumber/tiler/all-around-handy-man) finished our project, and are enjoying not having to run down to the basement in the middle of the night anymore.

Bathroom Remodel

Not pictured is the bathtub, which we kept and surrounded by white 3″x6″ subway tiles.

Bathroom Remodel

Also not pictured entirely is the new toilet, which now only uses 1.6 gallons per flush, instead of the guzzling 5. Who knew toilet technology would continue to improve so dramatically.


With normalcy comes, of course, more knitting. And what is more normal on this blog than seeing another pair of Virginia’s socks. These are knit with leftover Trekking and Elann sock yarns.

Sock #3 (52 Sock Challenge)

6 Replies to “Back to Normal?”

  1. That is my dream bathroom. I love the idea of the white wainscotting with molding. I had plans to do the same in the fixer-upper that we resold when we moved to WI. It is so much better than tiling; especially pink tiling in our rental home. Yikes! Congrats on the new finished bathroom. Enjoy! Love the socks. I like the use of different yarns to achieve a lovely pair.

  2. You guys! The bathroom looks great!! I am sure you are enjoying that super improvement.

  3. Wow! So clean and simple. The bathroom looks great! And yay socks! Great job, V!

  4. Oh, wow. That bathroom is just gorgeous! So elegant and calming.

    And I love the socks!!

  5. Heidi Sasser says:

    It looks amazing! Well done! What’s the next project?

  6. Jene Bene says:

    wow, looks like you airlifted the bathroom to the cape! very nice. and the reason you waited 8 years? who knows? i’ve wanted to replace the 1/4″ thick layer of wallpaper throughout our abode for twice as long, but i’m afraid it’s the only thing holding up the house. and our bathroom is still on tim-time. v. may recall the reference…..

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