June’s Big Project – Audrey

Virginia pulled this project out of the “punishing” corner to finish it (I think she was trying to free up the size 6US needles for another project). The reason this project was being punished, I’m told, was that she didn’t realize until after attempting to “fix” the straps that there was an errata published for this pattern… this was after frogging it back and starting again, and, well, you know how it goes.

Obviously, the needles are freed up, and there’s another project down for her big-project-a-month challenge.


The pattern is Audrey from Elsebeth Lavold’s The Sophisticated Lady Collection. The yarn is Silky Wool knit on, like I said, size 6US needles.



3 Replies to “June’s Big Project – Audrey”

  1. Oooh it’s so pretty! The straps were well worth the trouble. They’re a great detail on the top.

  2. Jene Bene says:

    it’s lovely! hey v! you’ve inspired me! will audrey work for silky tweed, too? i need to do something feminine for a change (the socks are wearing thin, so to speak).

  3. Oh, what results! such a lovely piece. Silky Wool is one of my favorite yarns. It looks great on V.

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