Birthday Socks (and flowers)

We celebrated Virginia’s birthday last weekend, and I was hoping to have these done by then (it was good motivation). But, try as I might, I did not finish in time. Still, I say delivery within a week of one’s birthday counts.

Norwegian Stockings

These are Nancy Bush’s Norwegian Stockings that I knit using Smart Yarn. The nice thing about DK-weight yarn is that it makes a project like this go much quicker. When I first cast these on, I was a little worried I’d be giving these to her for next year’s birthday.

Norwegian Stockings

Norwegian Stockings

But, as you can see, they are done (and with only a couple of tiny errors).

And, no birthday around here is complete without a last-of-the-season bouquet from the farmers market. With snow predicted for tonight and tomorrow, it appears like we just barely squeaked these in.

Birthday Bouquet

Happy birthday, my dear.

8 Replies to “Birthday Socks (and flowers)”

  1. The socks are truly beautiful, and so are the lilies. Virginia is so lucky to have a romantic guy like you by her side.

  2. Beautiful…luv your colour choices. I made those same socks in handspun brown and white alpaca.

  3. Oh wow! They’re gorgeous!!

  4. Gorgeous! Wow, I want to make a pair, and I never wear knee socks. Definitely a great color choice as Jody said.

  5. Those are beautiful. Quite the celebration: the socks, the baking, the flowers.

  6. Wow, what stunning socks. I love them! The flowers are also gorgeous, I am sure your friends is going to be very pleased! Your blog (which I discovered yesterday) is awesome!

  7. Such a sweet gift! and being a few days late is not bad at all (I was a few months late earlier this year…) I am sure this was a very memorable bday for V. Like others have mentioned, I really like the colors you chose. They seem to fit her perfectly.


  8. happy birthday V! we had a birthday in our household too. 50. can you believe it? no hand knit socks for our boy, though. just a sack o’smartwools for cycling.

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