Rainbows for All

Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to have conversations about who gets to do what and who is entitled to such and such? That the sorts of things enjoyed by some people, would be available to all people? Instead, we live in a world, though full of creative and loving people, is also full of hate and fear. Instead of embracing the differences that make us individuals, we respect only those that make people most like ourselves.

I’ve tried not to be too divisive on this blog, or have rants of any sort, but this sort of thing shouldn’t even be an issue. And, this year seems to be a good year to make a statement, especially for states that could potentially have discrimination being written into their constitutions.

The owls know what I’m talking about. They’re lightyears ahead of us humans.

Owl Couple

Northern Magic

We’re back from a relaxing trip up north, full of inspiration and rest. And, it might be time to revive the old blog.

Moody Lake Superior

The fun part of these trips is the time allowed to explore, both our surroundings, as well as some new crafty ideas. Partly inspired by the new spring growth, the mossy trees and the fun of finding beautifully weathered driftwood, I decided to capture some of that magic in the form of wee wizards.

Wee Wizard

Measuring a scant 4 inches tall, I’ll be giving each wizard a unique driftwood “staff.” I’m not sure how waterproof these guys are, so I wouldn’t recommend keeping them outside in your garden, but they could certainly live next to an indoor plant or on a shelf.

Wee Wizard

And, of course, with all these creations, I can never stop at just one. And, if you want one for yourself, you can find them here.

Wee Wizards

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The pursuit of flight is as much an interest to bears as it is to humans. The ability to take to the skies, leaving behind the old homestead and exploring new worlds must be an urge for all creatures.

Bear in Flight

Some are, obviously, naturally gifted with the power. Most are not. And, it took months of tireless research to find the solution – research that started with interviews, sharing of knowledge and, even, inter-species cooperation (though, not always helpful in terms of finding the ability to leave the ground).

Bear with Chicken

Finally, a breakthrough. One bear figured out the most unlikely solution to the problem – a result of using only materials readily available, will power and a lot of luck. Thus was born the Land-to-Air Navigation Apparatus (or LANA for short). A quick flight around Lake Superior revealed the true power of the device. Life may never be the same for bears.

Fun at the Lake

So, I’ve been contracted to equip those bears who are interested in leaving terra firma. Not surprisingly, many are lining up – ready to explore new places, see new lands and, of course, customize their new LANAs (jet-pack for the layperson).

Bears waiting for Jet Packs

For a limited time, I am excited to announce the Walker Art Center Shop will be facilitating this dispersal of bears into the world-at-large. Look for them in the museum store from mid-November through early February.

Owls Helping Owls

There are a bunch of felted ambassadors ready to go out into the world and help out their real-world kin.

Felted Ambassador

When you add an ambassador to your collection of felted friends, a contribution (basically all of the proceeds minus shipping/listing fees) will be made to an appropriate organization. In this case, these owls will be supporting The Raptor Center.

I’m not associated with this group, but they do amazing work, both with education and with helping area raptors recover. These ambassadors do come with credentials, rest assured they are the real deal:

Ambassador ID

Find out more about this program by clicking on the “Ambassadors” link above.