Rainbows for All

Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to have conversations about who gets to do what and who is entitled to such and such? That the sorts of things enjoyed by some people, would be available to all people? Instead, we live in a world, though full of creative and loving people, is also full of hate and fear. Instead of embracing the differences that make us individuals, we respect only those that make people most like ourselves.

I’ve tried not to be too divisive on this blog, or have rants of any sort, but this sort of thing shouldn’t even be an issue. And, this year seems to be a good year to make a statement, especially for states that could potentially have discrimination being written into their constitutions.

The owls know what I’m talking about. They’re lightyears ahead of us humans.

Owl Couple

2 Replies to “Rainbows for All”

  1. Sherry Helvoirt says:

    I agree with you….about fears and owls. We need conversations though. It’s the childlike fighting we could do without.

  2. Ellen perry says:

    Would love this pattern

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