Northern Magic

We’re back from a relaxing trip up north, full of inspiration and rest. And, it might be time to revive the old blog.

Moody Lake Superior

The fun part of these trips is the time allowed to explore, both our surroundings, as well as some new crafty ideas. Partly inspired by the new spring growth, the mossy trees and the fun of finding beautifully weathered driftwood, I decided to capture some of that magic in the form of wee wizards.

Wee Wizard

Measuring a scant 4 inches tall, I’ll be giving each wizard a unique driftwood “staff.” I’m not sure how waterproof these guys are, so I wouldn’t recommend keeping them outside in your garden, but they could certainly live next to an indoor plant or on a shelf.

Wee Wizard

And, of course, with all these creations, I can never stop at just one. And, if you want one for yourself, you can find them here.

Wee Wizards

3 Replies to “Northern Magic”

  1. Taradactil says:

    Hi there! Glad y’all are back! I’ve missed reading your entries and the beautiful photography 🙂

  2. Nice to have you back, D. This is the only blog I check regularly.

  3. Ooop! Lied. I faithfully read Whedonesque, too.

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