Rising from the Ashes

After what seems like an eternity, the blog is back. Our recent experience with a hacked blog, allowed me to take a look around, make some modifications (improvements?) and forge ahead. For those of you who care to know, SPIN | KNIT was hacked and the code was infiltrated, causing anyone reading it via an RSS feed to have access to any number of links to Web sites of questionable content (is that an understatement?). May that be a lesson to continually be on top of upgrading your blogging software (if you are someone who hosts your own) and stay aware of any potential weaknesses in your directories.

This new blog, ScratchCraft, is going to encompass more of the crafty activities that we partake in (not just spinning and knitting). Unfortunately, I decided not to salvage any of the written content from SPIN | KNIT, for fear of there being some problems/weaknesses with the database. Fortunately, I had backups of all the images, and those past projects can be perused in the “Galleries” page. Titles and descriptions will be added as time permits.

I hope I did not scare anybody off, thinking I was suddenly promoting the sale of certain types of enhancing drugs, insurance and other pastimes. I assure you, I was not. If you did not run off, welcome back! We look forward to continue sharing our projects as we finish them. There will also, I’m sure, be more changes to this site as we tweak and adapt it to suit the nature of our content.

Thank you!

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  1. I really like both those projects, especially the colours. Of course, it ticks me off that V. got her big project done, and I don’t. And that Dan has obviously mastered weaving, and I haven’t.
    Very nice look to the new blog. I like it.
    Barb B

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