In Full Swing

The blog may have been down, but that does not mean there weren’t any projects being worked on, finished, and made ready to share.

Plaid Runner

This weaving project is finally finished. It’s about 9 feet long and made from cotton “carpet warp.” It’s the perfect length for the library table sitting in our sun room.

Plaid Runner

Now that Spring has been making an effort to stick around, we can put away the heavy winter blankets and enjoy this first major crochet project from Virginia.


It’s one giant granny square made from Jamieson’s Spindrift… so many great colors to choose from, and having 75 rows, there was plenty of opportunity to play with color.

7 Replies to “In Full Swing”

  1. ::phew::

    I was wondering where you’d gotten to.

  2. Jene Bene says:

    looking good d.

    v told me while i was in the shop this afternoon that you had the site back up and running. had to check it out the second i got home.

    ta for now!

  3. Glad to see you back! And sorry to hear about the hack. Boo hackers.

    We just want to craft in peace!

  4. your new blog looks realy nice .
    I like the colours!

  5. Ooo, nice tablecloth/runner thingy! And inexpensive too! I think this new weaver will have to plan her own carpet warp tablecloth sometime soon. (like tonight)

  6. You’re back! What, were you actually going to *tell* anyone?!? 😀 (Hm… maybe you were avoiding me… Hm…)

  7. I really love the woven tablerunner! I have not tried anything this fine of a gauge yet. Your work is so beautiful.

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