She Makes a Mean Sweater

As promised in an earlier post, I’m sharing with you two projects that Virginia has completed in the last little while (and, to make sure you didn’t think I was resorting to using this blog just to promote holiday shopping.)

First, is a cute cardigan that seemed to take no longer than a few days to complete. It’s a pattern by Sarah Hoadley from the Winter 2009 issue of Interweave Knits called Icelandic Star.

Icelandic Star

It’s made with four colors of Cascade 220, and only taking 5 skeins of the yarn to complete makes this a pretty affordable sweater to whip out (easy for me to say “whip out” since I didn’t actually do the work – we all know if that were the case I’d be talking about completing it for the next 6 months).

Icelandic Star

The next project is another sweater. This one, made for me, is from a suitably titled pattern called “Drifter.”

Drifter - detail

Drifter - detail

This one is made from a super soft, and warm Rowan yarn called Cocoon. It’s also a Rowan pattern (in Rowan 48) from designer Erika Knight.


I was kidding about the aptly named pattern. I’m much too much of a homebody. Not sure there are many drifters out there that would spend Friday nights sitting on the couch making a wee little owl or a fuzzy bear-a-knitting.

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  1. The sweaters are lovely, and that couch is wonderful!

  2. Both beautiful, like always.

  3. Fantastic sweaters! I love the designs, and they look really warm too.

  4. Both sweaters are fantastic! I love the color work (5 skeins? Really? AWESOME!) But damn. You wear your sweater well, Dan!

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