Needle Felted Owl – True Nature is Revealed

Owl with Prey

I’ve made quite a few of these cute, wee owl ornaments over the last couple of months (especially as we approach the holidays). They are cute, they make great ornaments. I mean, what’s not to like about owls?

Owl with Prey

The other day, as I was making the rounds through my yard, I was reminded of the true nature of these raptors. Efficient hunters. Eaters of small furry things. In my case, the remains of a bunny on our sidewalk indicated the dinner of choice.

Owl with Prey

I’ll be curious to see who ends up with this small juxtaposition of, on one hand, cute and cuddly, and the other, an unhappy ending.

Nature can be cruel, indeed.

4 Replies to “Needle Felted Owl – True Nature is Revealed”

  1. I’ll stick with the needlefelted variety. So cute!

  2. Ew! LOL, you made my boys’ day with that. Even my husband came running over to see it. Very cool.

  3. Lol I love that owl, I would love to see people’s reactions to that on the tree. ” Oh how cute!………Oh…..” I would definitely be putting that on my tree just to watch people’s faces 🙂 I guess my slightly sadistic streak is showing.

  4. Precious owl!!

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