Sunny’s Sweater

Tomorrow being the longest night of the year, it seems fitting to share Virginia’s latest knitting project.

Sunny's Sweater

This kid’s sweater (a custom knit for a friend’s grandson) is about as cheery of a sweater as one can get. Complete with blue skies, green grass, a beaming sun and…

Sunny's Sweater

…a caterpillar. Knit with superwash yarn (Creative Focus Superwash from Nashua), it should prove to be both easy to care for and easy to wear.

Sunny's Sweater

Of course, cute kid in the sweater will be far away, so you’ll just have to imagine it on a toddler.

Sunny's Sweater

Longer days approach, bringing sunshine, warmth and the melting of all of this:

Does This Qualify for snOMG!

I’m ready.

2 Replies to “Sunny’s Sweater”

  1. What a cute sweater! You do such beautiful work. I like the sun and caterpillar.

  2. There sweater is absolutely amazing. Will you share where I can find the pattern? Thank you.

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