No Pain, No Gain

So I’ve been confined to my house/chair for a week due to a, still to be explained, hip injury. There for a couple of days I wasn’t moving a whole lot, and between doses of vicodin and muscle relaxants there was a lot of time. I really had no excuse but to finish up some languishing projects.

After five years, I finally get to move this quilt from basket to bed top.

Anniversary Quilt

We decided for our third anniversary that we should put together a quilt. Well, we’re nearing our eighth and it’s finally done. Look closely, those stitches are all hand-quilted (but, don’t look too closely, my stitches per inch are probably best read as inches per stitch… ok, maybe not that bad).

Anniversary Quilt

The problem with taking this long to quilt a queen-sized blanket is that you don’t develop the calluses on your finger tips. So, along with a sore hip, I have a couple of sore fingers.

Anniversary Quilt

It sure is nice to have it done. The several quilt ideas we have in the cue are now this much closer to becoming reality.

Not only did I finish the quilt, I was also able to spin through the rest of my llama (injury on left hip, so right leg perfectly capable of treadling).

Handspun - Llama

This was a 14 oz. bat of dehaired llama. In total I spun 860 yards of 2-ply yarn. With the exception of spinning from a bat (a first for me), this acted pretty similarly like alpaca. It’s warm and soft like alpaca, too.

Handspun - Llama

I’m sure there will be more projects in the near future, as I’m still recovering and requested by the doctor to stay close to home… and there’s only so much bad, daytime TV one can watch.

5 Replies to “No Pain, No Gain”

  1. The quilt is spectacular. The fact that it was made to honor your marriage makes it a priceless treasure. Congrats!

  2. Sorry to hear about your hip. More time for you to spin. What lovely colours in the quilt and such beautiful spinning as always.

  3. Your quilt and yarn are lovely.

    Bad daytime television makes you dumber so get well soon.

  4. The quilt looks nice and I like the yarn. How did you pre-draft the alpaca roving?

  5. Sorry to hear you are injured – hope you are healing well.

    Those must be some of the best pictures of black yarn that I’ve seen on teh Internets. You go!

    And you quilt, too? Crikey, what DON’T you do? 🙂

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