Valentine’s Day at Bunny Acres

February is a hard month in MN. It’s still very much winter here, and yet signs of spring are popping up in other places, photos of spring bulbs in bloom show up on blogs, people talk about starting their gardening… But, those of us in MN who are not taking trips to warmer climates this month must draw on some very deep fealty to the State and find joy where we can. Dan has a new sweater, a Valentine Grettir:


We sometimes call our place Bunny Acres, as we always have at least one bunny around. We have a lot of shelter possibilities and in the warmer months a 24 hour buffet of tasty plants. We name the friendlier ones and while we might sometimes get a little frustrated when they eat a particular plant to the ground, generally we feel like there is enough for everyone in our yard, including the owls and hawks. One famous year we had a bunny who would eat the little piles of weeds I’d pull up! This last year we have had an especially friendly bunny, in fact a few times Fred has surprised us by popping up very close almost as if to see what we are up to.


Now Fred is very responsive to our presence, since we have been showering our friend with the bounty of our organic veggie and fruit peels and ends to brighten her/his Feb. Certainly Fred has had a much harder winter then we have, and is looking forward to spring just as much as we are.


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  1. Beautiful sweater. Fred is sweet! I am certain you’ve made his winter so much better with those tasty peels.

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