Mithril and Erebor and the Headwaters…

Rock and Moss

It was a big week around here! Dan and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary by visiting one of our favorite places on earth, lake Superior. It was fantastic. Being out by that huge lake or hiking around the many trails is a completely restorative experience. We come home feeling refreshed and grounded again. Also pretty creative!

This week I released two sock patterns: Mithril, which is 25% off until May 31, 2015, no coupon code needed. I used an absolutely gorgeous yarn from Ancient Arts, BFL in the color Pieces of Eight, which could not be more perfect to me. It’s grey, or green or silver or a warm pale blue or all together somehow. It was a pure delight to work on and I am really proud of the socks!

Mithril Socks

Mithril Socks

I also published a sport weight pattern: Erebor, which is a really fun and quick knit. These are also 25% off until May 31, 2015.

Erebor Socks

And since I posted last, a quick hat pattern that works well with a single skein of some special hand dyed yarn: Headwaters Hat.

Headwaters Hat

I hope you had a nice week as well!


I missed updating the blog for a bit, distracted by Spring and all the fun to be had in the yard..

Fire and Wine

Since I last posted I finished two new sock patterns, the first: Asparagus Socks

Asparagus Socks

and just listed today Brandywine Socks. These are also sport weight and are 25% off until May 17, 2015

Brandywine Socks

This week I finished a shawl that was really fun to knit. I had never done a mitered square before and I got a little carried away playing with it.



In other news at Bunny Acres, it seems Fred is a girl, and a new mom at that. She has made a little nest right up against the house by her usual buffet spot. We look forward to watching the babies emerge!


Spinach and Tiny things

Tiny Spring
Dutchman’s breeches

Last weekend we celebrated our niece’s wedding and had a wonderful time! We are so happy for them and it was really great to spend time with my siblings, and of course there is nothing better then dancing at a wedding.

Tiny Spring
Wild ginger


This week I finished a Citron shawl, which makes great car knitting.

Spinach Socks

I also finished a new Sport weight sock pattern: Spinach socks, these are on sale for 25% until April 30, 2015, no coupon code needed.

Spinach Socks

Spring is here, and there are daffodils beginning to bloom in the yard as well as many tiny wonders that begin the season for me.

Tiny Spring

I hope you are enjoying the tiny, beautiful things emerging where you are!
Tiny Spring
Tiny Spring

Tiny Spring

Cloud Stone Simplicity

Cloud Stone Cowl

I finished a new cowl design this week, and what a pleasure it was to knit! That Blue Sky Alpaca Royal yarn is so decadent and luxurious! I used one skein each of two neutrals, but I can imagine many lovely color combinations. I called it Cloud Stone Cowl, mainly because of the colors I chose, but the yarn makes you think of clouds, it is so soft. This is a good project for someone new to lace knitting. I have the pattern on sale for 30% until April 15, 2015.

Cloud Stone Cowl


I also finished a sweater for myself, Simplicity. I have a feeling there will be more of these sweaters in my future. I think I will end up wearing it a lot! Light weight, made from the laceweight yarn Claudia’s Lust (Silk Wool Lace) that I recently bought from They have a fantastic selection of really nice yarn. Dangerous!!!

Mochimochi Land Owl

This little guy came flying off my needles this week as well. It was my first Mochimochi Land project, but it won’t be my last!

Classic Easter Joke

In other exciting news, this joke never gets old around here:

Left bunny: my butt hurts.

Right bunny: what?



Colorless Tsukuru and Divinity



Have you read Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage? I really enjoyed it. My knitting this week reminded me of the story. Although these yarns are not really colorless, coupled with the grey skies we’ve been having they feel a bit that way. Not sure how this happened.


Divinity Socks

I have a new pattern out this week, sport weight socks: Divinity. I was thinking about a picture in one of my mom’s cookbooks, or maybe it was on a card in that recipe-of-the-month box she had. That candy always seemed very fancy to me as a kid. ┬áThe socks are on sale now through April 10, 2015, for $2.95.

Divinity Socks

Speaking of cookies, today is my Grandma Virginia’s birthday! She would have been 107. She excelled at all of the grandmotherly arts, including cookie baking. She used to send us home with gold tupperware canisters filled with chocolate chip, peanut butter, or peanut butter with Brach’s chocolate stars on top, date cookies, or my favorite, orange cookies… maybe there were other kinds, but those I remember the best. I used to have the best time with her, she was so creative and open to the wacky ideas I’d come up with. She was an amazing person, full of resilience, kindness and love. I am so honored to be her namesake.


As remedy to the grey skies we have some cheerful flowers around this week. Trader Joe’s had daffodils for $1.50 a bunch! Can’t beat that as we wait for ours to emerge. There are a few tulips poking up, but it will be awhile yet before I have any pictures of home grown flowers.