My Favorite Man Hats

One of the many perks of being married to a designer is having my collection of accessories expand with unique, handmade items. Since I keep my hair short (as in, pretty much no hair), I do find myself wearing hats quite a lot. And, once the cold weather sets in, I find it essential to have something covering my head.

But, I’m a bit particular with the kind of hat I like to wear, and I bet you or someone you know is also particular with what they put on their head. Virginia has published several hat designs for men that are not only easy knits, but also look great. Here are a few of my favorites—my go-to’s when I’m about to head out the door.


Stormcrow Hat

Knit using three colors of Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok, this beanie has a simple, but cool colorwork section. Pattern can be found here.


Another simple colorwork hat, this one uses four colors of the hardy and readily available Cascade 220 yarn (a good way to use up some of the bits and bobs in your stash). Pattern can be found here.

Bombadillo Hat


I’m definitely a beanie person, but this hat has instructions for either a beanie or a slouch, as well as charts for a simpler two-color version or a great seven-color version. Pattern can be found here.



Sometimes I need a little more texture in my life, and this hat fits the bill. Again, this has two size options: a watch cap (my favorite) and a slouch. Cascade 220 is used on these, as well, and the watch cap is a nice dense fabric that really holds in the heat. Pattern can be found here.

Girder Hat

Girder Hat

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