11 Replies to “Babette Blanket”

  1. Lovely! And I’m happy to have found you guys back…I managed to lose you when you hopped urls. Looks like I’ve missed quite a lot!

  2. wow! Love it – the colours are fantastic – particularly those autumnal rusts and reds.

  3. Amazing! I LOVE the colors!

  4. Great blanket – looks deliciously weighted and warm.

  5. Love it! The colors are awesome.

  6. What a beautiful blanket! I love it.

  7. Hello Dan and Virginia,

    I have a huge question/favor to ask regarding your beautiful Babette blanket. Would you be willing to share the colors you used in the blanket? I ask that favor of a couple of reasons:
    1. As a mom of three kids and working full-time I don’t have the hours I’d need to spend at the Yarnery picking out colors.
    2. I am very anal about symmetry and certain colors being next to each other.
    To be honest with you this pattern is really out of my comfort zone (see above #2) but it is so beautiful I’d really like to give it a try and any help I could get with colors and where to use them would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,

  8. Noelia Cabrera Bordon says:

    me ha encantado,la verdad todo hermoso,me gusta hacer cuadraditos,es lo mas facil,pero la cantidad de posibilidades es muy buena, y eso de que sean de distinto tamaño tambien,noelia montevideo uruguay

  9. This i’m sure was as mind boggeling as it looks. What a piece of art. An heirloom to be treasured.

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