Spinach and Tiny things

Tiny Spring
Dutchman’s breeches

Last weekend we celebrated our niece’s wedding and had a wonderful time! We are so happy for them and it was really great to spend time with my siblings, and of course there is nothing better then dancing at a wedding.

Tiny Spring
Wild ginger


This week I finished a Citron shawl, which makes great car knitting.

Spinach Socks

I also finished a new Sport weight sock pattern: Spinach socks, these are on sale for 25% until April 30, 2015, no coupon code needed.

Spinach Socks

Spring is here, and there are daffodils beginning to bloom in the yard as well as many tiny wonders that begin the season for me.

Tiny Spring

I hope you are enjoying the tiny, beautiful things emerging where you are!
Tiny Spring
Tiny Spring

Tiny Spring

2 Replies to “Spinach and Tiny things”

  1. I love the shawl. Great sock pattern.
    We are a bit behind…no flowers yet, but soon I hope.
    Happy spring! Enjoy.

  2. Thanks Dixie, I hope spring flowers come to you soon!

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