Still in one piece

First I want to thank those of you who offered advice and experience when dealing with treatment and medical opinions. I should have been a little more clear that we are fairly comfortable with how things have gone, and we definitely pose a lot of questions to the doctors. In fact, Virginia has sort of developed a reputation with the doctors, knowing that she asks important questions (especially during the days when I’ve been at my lowest and least able to keep on top of things). Some doctors even ask her whereabouts if they happen to be in the room and she’s away. So, it’s not without our wits and rights that we face decisions about my treatment.

I am still in the hospital (this is night #10), but have improved quite steadily. On Friday I had a long discussion with the infectious disease doctor that resulted in him backing off of pulling the hickman. The decision to do that was based on my overall fever curve. I think it’s good that there isn’t just one person making decisions about my care. The hospitalist basically runs the show, but gets input from the oncologists (mainly), and if needed, the infectious disease doctors. Of course, this means having a pretty steady stream of visitors throughout the day, but that’s become so routine with me, that I hardly mind anymore. It’s still nice, though, once 5 p.m. rolls around I’ll have a relatively quiet evening without much interuption.

So, we are back to waiting for my white blood cell count to be high enough for me to fight infections on my own. I’ve started receiving a daily injection of GCS-F to help boost them, but so far they’re staying low. I went in on Sunday at 0.1 and, 10 days later, am at 0.4 (I should be at or around 1.5 or 2).

This means, of course, more waiting. But, we are quite used to that.

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  1. you are so strong.
    Really it’s inspiring to read how you two are holding together through your illness.

  2. Can’t wait until you’re home and get to meet Frankie!

  3. Keep hanging in there Dan. I plan on making it out there one day for the local Fibre bash, and taking you both to a vegie dinner or lunch. You need to be on your feet for that!

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