The Call of Crochet…

Crochet Afghan - In Progress

Crochet Afghan - In Progress

Crochet Scarf - In Progress

Crochet Afghan - In Progress

…is much like the siren’s song for Virginia. These are four projects that have been in the works for various lengths of time, and when she’s not rotating among them, she’s busy plotting new ones. I think it’s good to take advantage of when inspiration strikes – even if it strikes more often than not. (More photos of these projects can be seen on Flickr.)

And, albeit a couple of weeks late, happy new year! Thanks for hanging in there. I wasn’t going to have any blog resolutions that dealt with quantity and frequency, but I do intend to keep sharing (when there’s good, scratchcrafty stuff to share – which I hope is often).

6 Replies to “The Call of Crochet…”

  1. Wow those are all beautiful…please do share what yarns you used. Are they handspun? Beautiful earthy looking colours :))

  2. Hey Jody,
    The ripple one is cascade 220, the fuzzy one is kid silk haze or other yarns just like it, the little grannys are pure wool 4ply by rowan and the sea colored grannys are spindrift. Too much fun!

  3. I love your Ripple! It’s gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to make myself one but I keep knitting. I’m not that great at crochet so I’m discouraging myself. I need to stop that.

  4. Yes, stop that. It’s not very hard and it’s lots of fun!

  5. This looks like your family is planning on turning down the heat this winter! A blanket for every room and and every taste – lovely!

  6. These are all exquisite!! Wow, been so busy!! I love all the colors you have used together!

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